Jenks, OK Real EstateJenks began in 1904 as a community site established by the Midland Valley Railroad between Tulsa and Muskogee, alongside the Arkansas River. Though the river could only be utilized by shallow draft steamboats while the water level was up, these two transportation routes proved vital to Jenks’ early development.

Jenks was named after William Henry Jenks the owner and director of the Midland Valley Railroad. According to a 1957 article in the Tulsa Tribune, an agent for the townsite company was told by the railroad home office to name a town for the director.

The town was officially platted on July 15, 1905. Also in 1905, a major petroleum discovery was made, further bolstering the economy of the area. The “Glenn Pool” oil well and subsequent oil claims brought many business people to the general area. In 1906, many oil depots (also known as “tank farms”) were constructed in Jenks. By the time of statehood, Jenks had 465 inhabitants.

Popular tourist draws include the Oklahoma Aquarium (the state’s only freestanding aquarium) and the Riverwalk Crossing shopping/walking district along the Arkansas River. A pedestrian bridge links the Jenks riverfront area with the Tulsa Riverparks walking trail on the East side of the river. Another one of Jenks main attractions is the High School Football Team who has won 12 state championships, 6 of those are in a row 96-01. The Trojans have sent many players to the collegiate level in the last 15 years including Rocky Calmus (Oklahoma/Tennessee Titans), Sean Mahan (Notre Dame/Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Jason Lohr (Nebraska), Jason Carter (Oklahoma), Garrett Mills (Tulsa/Minnesota Vikings), Chase Beeler (Stanford), Bryan Pickryl (Texas), Kejuan Jones (Oklahoma), Jay Henry (West Virginia), Phillip Dillard (Nebraska/New York Giants), Corey Callans (Oklahoma), Jake Laptad (Kansas), Cory Dorris (Tulsa), Chris Adkins (Tulsa), Gabe Lynn (Oklahoma),Tramaine Thompson (Kansas State).


  1. 3 beds, 2 baths
    Lot size: 7,187 sqft
    Year built: 2018
    Days on market: 5
  2. 4 beds, 4 baths
    Home size: 2,691 sq ft
    Lot size: 8,494 sqft
    Year built: 2014
    Days on market: 6
  3. 4 beds, 4 baths
    Home size: 3,001 sq ft
    Lot size: 11,891 sqft
    Year built: 2013
    Days on market: 6
  4. 4 beds, 2 baths
    Home size: 1,911 sq ft
    Lot size: 7,666 sqft
    Year built: 2005
    Days on market: 6
  5. 5 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 2,824 sq ft
    Lot size: 7,492 sqft
    Year built: 2012
    Days on market: 6
  6. 4 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 3,179 sq ft
    Lot size: 9,888 sqft
    Year built: 2004
    Days on market: 7
  7. 4 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 2,994 sq ft
    Lot size: 7,230 sqft
    Year built: 1998
    Days on market: 7
  8. 3 beds, 2 baths
    Home size: 1,550 sq ft
    Lot size: 7,797 sqft
    Year built: 1979
    Days on market: 7
  9. 4 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 2,118 sq ft
    Lot size: 5,401 sqft
    Year built: 1996
    Days on market: 9
  10. 3 beds, 2 baths
    Home size: 1,611 sq ft
    Lot size: 10,454 sqft
    Year built: 1982
    Days on market: 9

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